Check in Bau Trang - Phan Thiet is very cool with a jeep

Phan Thiet is one of the tourist destinations that you can visit at any time of the year. Many people have been to Phan Thiet, but surely no one has been to all the famous tourist attractions in Phan Thiet. Please refer to the article summarizing places not to be missed when traveling to Phan Thiet below to be able to find all the famous places in Phan Thiet.
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Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is famous for its long stretches of white sand, blue sea and soaring coconut trees. From April to August, Mui Ne experiences the most beautiful weather of the year, when the sea is the clearest. From August to December, this place is suitable for people who are passionate about extreme sports such as windsurfing, when the waves are stronger. However, no matter what time of year, you can bring your family and friends to Mui Ne with backpacks, because each season has its own beauty.
Bộ ảnh check in Bàu Trắng - Phan Thiết cực ngầu cùng xe jeep - Du Lịch Chất
2. Bau Trang and Bau Sen
18km from Hon Rom beach are two natural freshwater lakes Bau Trang and Bau Sen. Bau Trang is famous for its lotus ponds that bloom in the middle of white sand dunes in the summer, while Bau Sen is a vast lake and sea, on the water surrounded by beautiful sand caves.
Bộ ảnh check in Bàu Trắng - Phan Thiết cực ngầu cùng xe jeep - Du Lịch Chất
3. Off-road driving on sand dunes
Sand dunes are a famous attraction about 40 km from the center of Phan Thiet. Going to the sand dunes, in addition to sightseeing and taking photos, driving a 4-wheel terrain motorcycle is an experience you should try.
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This is the right experience for the adventurous. The game is not difficult but requires players to get used to how to control the car to glide through the sand dunes, overcome rough obstacles. The price of motorbike rental for 2 people ranges from 350,000 to 850,000 VND depending on the duration of 20 - 60 minutes.