Bai Rang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet, located about 15 km from the city center. This place has green coconut palms like a forest filled with cool green. In the summer this bath attracts a lot of tourists to the beach. In particular, thanks to the clear blue water, visitors can see the colorful coral reefs near the shore and many rocky beaches with other eye-catching shapes. In addition, you can also take a walk along the beach, admire the scenery, listen to the sound of the waves, watch the sunrise and sunset on the sea.

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When the big day is coming, things like decorating the house, the background, the speakers to the party preparation, there are things that must be completed urgently. But what if your happy day is ruined because of inexperience, decoration is half season and the food is not good, not pleasing to the majority. Understanding this, the wedding service of Thuy Duong Resort was born, to help couples have the most perfect day.
Sea sports
Each parachute flight at such Thuy Duong Resort lasts up to 15 minutes, equivalent to 1 rotation of the canoe. This game is considered very risky, but under the supervision of the management, it is done quite safely. total. Visitors are allowed to parachute in the air at an altitude of 70 to 100m, there is always a live rescue team below when there is any problem with customers.
Rent a tent
Nowadays, instead of inviting each other to go to bars to sip a few bottles of beer, young people often switch to camping and long picnics in famous tourist areas. However, to contribute to the excitement of the journey, the presence of a quality tent is indispensable.