Check in with nature when traveling to Phan Thiet 2022

Check-in is one of the indispensable activities of young people when traveling to new lands. In recent years, the trend of virtual living with natural scenery has received a lot of attention
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Check-in at Hong stream (Suoi Tien)
Looking to nature when traveling to Phan Thiet 2022, you absolutely do not forget to check in at Suoi Hong, also known as Suoi Tien. This place is known as the place "Bong Lai fairy scene".
Suối tiên Mũi Né có phải là suối hồng suối tre của Phan Thiết không?
Not a clear stream with murmuring water as you might think, Suoi Tien impresses with its orange-red water, tinged with red soil. This is a gentle little stream with shallow, ankle-deep water flowing gently all year round. Walking barefoot in the water at Suoi Tien, visitors seem to be relieved of their worries.
Especially making the scene unique and interesting are the different shapes created from sand stalactites. These "reliefs" made of sand stalactites will randomly change over time. It is because of the unpredictable change that makes this place a huge, wild and extremely interesting beauty.
Suoi Tien is about 20km northeast of Phan Thiet city center and 4km from Mui Ne market. This place is hidden behind the sand dunes, so if you don't know the way, you should ask the people on the roadside.
Each season is different, the stream has its own beauty. So, even if you've visited Suoi Tien, if you have a trip to Phan Thiet 2022, don't forget to check in here!
Virtual life with confetti
Hoa giấy Hội An | Săn lùng 5 điểm CHECK-IN “nóng bỏng tay”
Paper flower is a plant that looks very suitable for a coastal climate like Phan Thiet. The bougainvillea blooms all year round, especially in spring and early summer. So if you have a trip to Phan Thiet 2022 around this time, don't forget to dress up in virtual life with confetti here.
The slopes of colorful confetti all over the way, proudly showing off under the sun and wind of Phan. The roads dyed with confetti are more romantic and poetic. All can become a great background to make your frame more artistic and fresh.
Places to check in confetti when traveling to Phan Thiet 2022:
Co Mo Cafe address 252 Vo Thi Sau
In front of Victoria Resort
Opposite Da Ong Dia beach
The alley going down next to Anantara Resort
In front of Fullmoon Resort (84 Nguyen Dinh Chieu)
Icon of coconut tree leaning towards the sea
Truy lùng cây dừa được mệnh danh cong nhất ở Mũi Né | travelnews | Thế giới  Combo
Referring to the symbol of the coconut tree leaning towards the sea in our country, people who love traveling will name two famous places: Phu Quoc and Mui Ne. If you do not have a plan to travel to Phu Quoc this year, then immediately travel to Phan Thiet 2022 and check in with these divine coconut trees now!
Bai Rang in Phan Thiet is famous for its tall and green coconut trees on the white sand beach. The coconut here has a body that is not too big but is very long. Especially here, there are coconut trees with an extremely magical view of the sea, no different from "stairs to heaven".
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